Tailor Code Editor

What is Tailor

Tailor is a testing and demonstration platform for a pure javascript Git workflow implemented using the open source git-html5.js library.

It’s also a fairly decent code editor. It’s a port of the Adobe Brackets code editor to a Chrome packaged app. So, besides Git support, other notable features include

Tailor is available on the Chrome web store. It’s also open source and hosted on github.

Git Workflow

Tailor has access to the browser’s sandboxed file system via the HTML5 FileSystem api. A user can import a remote Git repository into this sandboxed file system. With some limitations, they can then keep their local sandboxed filesystem and remote git repository in sync.

Clone a new project

When you start up Tailor for the first time or if you go to File->New Project, you’re given the option to import a Git Repo.

Commit local changes

After saving some changes in the editor, you can commit these changes to your local git repo.

Push local changes to the remote

After making some changes and committing them, you can push these changes to your remote git repo.

Pull remote changes to the local

If someone else makes changes to the git repo, you can pull these changes into your local git repo and working copy.


One limitation of git-html5.js is that it only supports fast-forward merging. Therefore, it’s possible to get in a situation where you won’t be able to push your current branch back to the git repo. In this situation, if you want to push your changes, you’ll have to create a local branch, perform a checkout, then push this new branch to your remote git repository.

You could then do a web based merge using your hosting provider or if it’s really hairy from the command line.